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About RRA
The RRA “sniffer test” was created to test refrigerant contaminants in reefer systems which had previously caused several personal injuries due to explosions while working on the reefer machine by technicians. Marco Kramer co-developed RRA to ensure the safety of his reefer engineers, RRA has since been a household name in the industry.       The purpose of the RRA is to test for counterfeit refrigerants and or contaminants that are potentially dangerous without opening the system therefore ensuring the safety of the technicians during the testing phase!   In a system filled with refrigerant(s), the RRA sniffer test can detect several contaminants, for example CFK's like R12, R22 and R40. R40 is the culprit when it comes down to the very dangerous mix of gases that have actually taken lives during repairs to the systems, the RRA test can identify R40 even when mixed with other contaminants when using the sniffer test the tube will specifically show a Red color! Other contaminants with various CFK mixes are identified by a specifically yellow color! When the test tubes are clear or show no coloring then the system is not contaminated.     Identifying contaminants in refrigeration systems is essential for the safety of all technicians as the risk to “life and limb” are very real, the systems can explode and or lethal quantities of dangerous gases can cause all kinds of health hazards! Not to mention that a contaminated system can/will deteriorate the system and cause premature failures and possible loss of warranty due to contaminants which are generally not covered in the factory warranties. The RRA test therefore has an ideal cost to benefit ratio.   As mentioned previously the RRA test is widely used throughout the industry by many Shipping lines and their partner depots and technicians, if you have any questions or require additional information please contact us accordingly, we stand firm that our solution is the right solution for your needs.
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